Pablo Dominguez

More about me

A look into my life

Hi! my name is Pablo Dominguez, I'm a NetSuite Developer, NetSuite Consultant from Montevideo, Uruguay. I have over 18 years of experience designing and development web pages but enough about boring stats, lets talk about the real me.

My Technology Life

I grow up living on an apartment, my first encounter to technology was an Atari, I spent a lot of time in my childhood playing this mind blowing 8-bit games. Later my parents bought an Apple II computer, yes that old computer running all the programs from 5 1/4 Diskettes. Most of the time I used to playing games, until my parents sent me to a Logo course and I buoght a Basic Language book and back then I knew where I wanted to do in the future.

Right after I finished High School I started studying a programming bachelor in Universidad ORT. Back then, internet was really slow, picture that you needed to use dial in connections and pray god to not get disconnected. It was back then that I started creating web pages.

I always was a gamer, I’m still a gamer at the moment, not having much time now though but I still jump into a game when I have some time to spend on it.
Being a gamer taught me a lot of stuff:

  • I was able to learn basic english.
  • Enhanced my creativity, trust and empathy.
  • Increased my quick reflexes, visual acuity and visual search.
  • Knew awesome friends.
  • Improve visual attention and decision making.
  • Improve ability to solve problems.
  • Learned how teamwork is fundamental to achieve goals.
  • Acquired new tastes, like art, design, music and technology.

My personal Life

I have two daughters that are the most important thing in my life, Luana (9) and Maia (5).
I like to watch them looking at stuff I seen in the past and wonder if it will transform their little imagination like it did mine.

I like sports a lot as well, I’ve always practiced sports in my life, the ones I like the most are: Football, Basket, Soccer, Bike.

Nice to meet you

Now that you now more about me, why not introduce yourself? Say hello on Twitter at @guianze or just send me an email!